Keplo's primary strength lies in its semantic multimodal design, enabling it to collect data to identify various elements such as the buyer, the user, the buyer's intent, product advantages, benefits, and drawbacks. Its most notable feature is the generation of outputs based on this analysis, with product improvement suggestions being the initial feature we are releasing.

We are diligently developing additional ideation tools for you which are coming soon to our platform. Meanwhile, we're eager for you to try how Keplo and ChatGPT can be harnessed to generate further insights and foster ideation across various business aspects.

Simply pick one of the custom GPTs below and follow instructions.

A Keplo explorer austronaut learning about the Keplo universe and all it has to offer.

Our Custom GPTs

Avatar Worksheet

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Branding Strategy

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Improve Conversions

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Product Ideation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Keplo Co-Pilots?

Choose the Co-Pilot you would like to try from the list above and simply follow the instructions once you open it. You need to have your Keplo PDF report downloaded and access to GPT4 account. You do not need any prompting experience.

What type of products can I research with Keplo?

Keplo can analyze and provide insights for most products listed on Amazon, provided there is sufficient available data about the product.

Who is Keplo for?

Keplo is designed with brand and product designers in mind, but its array of tools and resources can benefit a wide range of users, from Amazon sellers to product developers and marketing professionals.

How does Keplo help with product design?

Keplo can help you identify consumer demographics, usage patterns, product pros and cons, and even provide product improvement suggestions based on them in just a few clicks. That's just the start - we're already developing new features and resources to support product designers.

Can Keplo help with marketing strategies?

The tools we've developed for brand and product designers can also be leveraged for marketing strategies. In addition, Keplo accelerates competitor content research to give you a competitive advantage. We are actively developing new features and resources to empower marketers.

Does Keplo offer any training or resources for new users to get started?

Our Knowledge Base is a dynamic and expanding collection of training and resources devised to help you get the most out of Keplo. You can also stay connected with our latest content on social media and our Keplo Chronicles blog for valuable tips and insights. If you have any questions or require any assistance, feel free to drop us an email at

What makes Keplo different from other Amazon product research tools?

Keplo offers more than just research. Our tools help users analyze vast amounts of data with efficiency and precision, uncovering actionable insights and untapped opportunities. Our resources and training support users on their brand and product design journey, sparking creativity and inspiring innovation. Keplo fuses data with creativity in an unprecedented way, empowering and inspiring users to bring their ideas to life.

Is Keplo suitable for beginners without prior experience in e-commerce?

Our specialized tools, automated workflows, and invaluable resources are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Keplo Pro Group and Brand & Product Design Training are also going to be available for Explorer and Pioneer tiers once we launch. Plus, our support team is available to assist with any questions or issues you may have. As a launchpad, we’re here to set you in motion. Where and how far you go is all up to you.