What is Keplo?

Keplo is an Amazon product research and ideation platform that uncovers crucial consumer insights and turns them into your competitive advantage.

From Insight to Impact

How does Keplo work?

Step 1

Search for products on Amazon using our intuitive interface and select the ones you want to analyze.

Step 2

Keplo will create a comprehensive research report with actionable insights and problem-solving ideas.

Step 3

Make data-informed decisions to enhance your product development and marketing strategies.


Real innovators share their thoughts on Keplo

The app fast tracks hours and hours of research, analysis, and brainstorming. With a slight touch of human intervention, the ideation, insights, and growth a brand or product can experience from 25 minutes with Keplo can be limitless.

Connor Dinkler

Product Development Manager

I love the detailed product improvement suggestions. It gives you specific details on how to improve the product to hit the faults described in the report. It saves so much time for brainstorming! I don’t want to do product research and validation without it.

Micheala Johnson

Amazon Seller

Keplo is a unicorn - a tool not offered on the market. It solves massive pain points in product research and offers suggestions as if you had a team of 10 people doing product research with you.

Ron Israel

Amazon Seller

With Keplo, the whole product research process, including finding a good USP, can be done so swiftly and easily. With the help of Keplo, I can grow my Amazon business much faster than before.

Andrei Tseprounov

Amazon Seller

Light-Speed Research

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and automated workflows, Keplo analyzes vast amounts of data with unparalleled efficiency and precision. With detailed reports delivered at light speed, you can skip hours of manual research and dive straight into making data-driven decisions.

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Five individuals working in a modern office space with large windows, focusing on data science.
Five individuals working in a modern office space with large windows, focusing on data science.

Intelligent Insights

Built on industry-leading research practices, Keplo helps you understand who your customers are, identify the intents behind their purchases, uncover sales obstacles, find unique selling points, and more. Keplo empowers you with actionable consumer insights that leave your competition behind.

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Turbocharged Ideation

Featuring product improvement suggestions that combine insights with the latest development techniques, Keplo can help you refine product designs in alignment with consumer expectations. Supercharge your ideation with our innovative processes and custom-trained GPTs.

How It Works
Five individuals working in a modern office space with large windows, focusing on data science.
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