About Us

Data-powered and creativity-inspired, Keplo lives at the intersection of creativity, data science, and technology - embodying the pinnacle of ingenuity.

Led by Dorian Gorski, an Amazon marketing trailblazer for over a decade who has generated more than $1 billion in sales for clients, Keplo was developed by a team of Amazon experts, data scientists, and developers harnessing state-of-the-art technology.

Five individuals working in a modern office space with large windows, focusing on data science.

Keplo is all about people.

We develop empowering tools and inspiring resources for explorers and pioneers like you seeking to gain unique perspectives, make discoveries, and drive innovation. Those tools and resources, in turn, help you understand your consumers better so you can design brands and products that address their needs and desires more effectively.

At Keplo, we have two simultaneous missions: to empower and inspire.

Our tools empower you to perform cutting-edge research, uncover insights and opportunities, develop ideas, and more. Through our content and training, we’re here to inspire and support you on your journey of innovation. As a launchpad, we’re here to set you in motion. Where and how far you go is all up to you.

Two professionals discussing Amazon marketing services on a computer in an office setting.

Meet the Team

Dorian Górski

Founder & CEO

Aryo Jovini


Mikołaj Nedzewicz


Bohdan Oryshchak

Data Scientist

Leonid Shusharin

Back-end Developer

Andrii Shusharin

Front-end Developer

Vlad Avramczuk

Front-end Developer