Amazon Market Research & Product Development Tools

Keplo is the best market research tool kit for Amazon and beyond

Consumer Profiling & Usage Patterns
Identify consumer groups and enhance your understanding of how they interact with products to reveal untapped opportunities and create more targeted products and content.
Example infographics of consumer profiles and usage patterns
Example infographic of product pros and cons
Product Pros & Cons
Learn what consumers like and dislike about products to uncover potentials sales obstacles, improve products, and strategically tailor marketing content.
Product Improvement Suggestions
Go from insight to impact with product improvement suggestions that integrate user feedback with the latest product development techniques to help you enhance products in line with consumer expectations.

Example infographic of product improvement suggestions
Example infographic of competitor content research
Competitor Content Research
Gain a competitive edge over your competitors by exploring their marketing content strategies, how to leverage features, and how to position your products.
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Developer Tools (Coming Soon!)
Keep all your research and notes in one place. Jot down ideas on the go and develop them further in full editor mode. Add notes, images, tables, and more. Collaborate, save for later, and access anywhere.

"It allowed me to discover important, unique value propositions that all of my competitors missed."

Zachary Wells - Amazon Seller